Compare features, pricing and specs of over 230 Online storage providers. By viewing providers beside each other, it is easier to determine which services offer the options you are looking for in a online backup provider. Our in-depth reviews will help you decide which ones to use. WebDrive allows you to open and edit server-based files without the additional step of downloading the file www.garmin/express. WebDrive lets you map a drive or mount a device to access WebDAV or SFTP servers and popular cloud services such as OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive and DropBox.

Once you configure or choose your data set or set of files you want to be backed up, an online backup service should take care of the rest. There are many reasons why you need to start using a cloud storage backup system. The only sure way of protecting your data and never losing the information you find to be the most important is through a online backup system. Personal cloud storage is being used by individuals and home business owners to backup all their files and share those files with friends and family.

How Safe Is The Cloud?

Cloud storage centers have become a remote way of backing up files. Cloud storage is becoming one of the most popular, cost-effective ways of storing data, sharing data and managing data online. These remote services can be access from anywhere, at anytime, by individuals and businesses across the world.

While the transfer of files to a cloud storage site is usually straightforward, you must perform the task manually. When it comes to storing files online, cloud storage solution providers are quite popular. With most online backup service providers, you first need to download a client application that allows you to select the files or drives you want backup online. Once you have downloaded and configured online file backup, the client application then transfers the files to the online backup service provider automatically at pre-configured or scheduled times and intervals. With a fast Internet connection, using an online backup service should be relatively easy, seamless and, for the most part, automatic.

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  • Many services say that they have the right to access your files, but most will only do so when requested by the law.
  • It’s like extra insurance and you can sleep better knowing that you can recover not only from computer hardware failure and malicious software, but also theft and natural disasters.
  • Some services don’t allow files any larger than 2GB for example, whereas some may let you store anything up to 10GB in size.
  • Also, some services rent their space from other providers – so if the overall provider shuts down, it could affect you even if you’re not a direct customer.
  • Cloud backup takes your peace of mind a step further by providing a convenient way to do off-site backup.

WebDrive enhances group collaboration and is the ultimate file access productivity tool. Access all of your files, on any server, through one simple interface. Cloud backup keeps a backup of all of the data on your computer, unless you specifically instruct it to exclude specific files with a custom setup. In this way, cloud backup is a complete, comprehensive solution to off-site storage.

If your computer is ever damaged, stolen, or the data on it is compromised or lost, cloud backup allows you to restore it all to a new computer, like nothing ever went wrong in the first place. Since cloud storage only stores a portion of your files in the cloud, the rest of your data is left vulnerable.

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