Sure, the game might be set on Christmas Eve, but dark and thrilling moments abound as a young Batman is hunted by eight of the deadliest assassins the DC Comics Universe has ever seen. Hide-and-seek is so much more fun if you’re playing with a demon—and it’s infinitely more fun if winning means your wildest dreams will come true.

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That’s the theory behind this macabre version of the childhood classic. It’s been called a companion piece to Bloody Mary, except this version has a baby.

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Haunted House for the Racing Games Magnavox Odyssey was the very first horror video game. Origin Access Premier subscription hooks you up with everything Basic has to offer plus unlimited play of new EA titles. We’re not talking trials here, we mean the full game, yours to play whenever you want for as long as you’re a Premier subscriber. Basic subscription enables you to take full advantage of The Vault, an ever-evolving collection of 100+ games and 10-hour Play First Trials for new and upcoming EA titles days before release.

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Lock yourself inside a pitch-black bathroom, and fold your arms like you might be cradling a tiny baby—an infant that just so happens to be a demon spawn! Repeat the words "Baby Blue" exactly thirteen times. At that point, you should feel the emptiness in your arms start to take shape, and it’ll feel like you’re holding an actual baby. Keep saying "Baby Blue" and it’ll start to grow and squirm, clawing at your arms and possibly even crying for its mother. If you do, that demon will likely grab you and take you with him to whatever dark and gloomy underworld it calls home. Listen as long as you like to its whispered, menacing groans, and when you’re ready, slowly reach for the door and, without letting the match go out, leave the closet.

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Okay, we’ll be honest, everything about this game is downright freaky. It’s apparently based on an old Pagan ritual that was used to punish lawbreakers. Now, the truthfulness of that tale is wishy-washy, but, no matter what, it definitely sounds like a more terrifying punishment than being sent to prison. A popular "dare you to do it" game at sleepovers, this is another one that involves conjuring spirits. You lock yourself inside a bathroom, with all the lights out except for a single candle. Then you stare into the mirror and chant "Bloody Mary" thirteen times.

Until Dawn is a great horror game because, although it’ll genuinely scare you, you get a sense it’s having a lot of fun doing it. "Indie horror game Walls Closing In now has Linux support".

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