These include the persisting perception of inadequate compensation and poor working conditions for drivers. In fact, the driver compensation issue rose this year to the No. 2 spot on the Top 10 list.

Let’s start to answer that by taking a look at the CDK auto market industry charts in the presentation slides. You’ll see that we’ve added another chart this month.

“Beyond addressing the shortage, recruiting additional women to the industry will likely have a resulting safety impact,” the institute observes. Legislation to take this step is pending in Congress, and the Department of Transportation has initiated strictly-controlled and limited pilot programs to study the safety of younger drivers on the road. Faced with an aging workforce where over a fourth of the driver population (27.4%) is 55 or older, fleets are looking to identify a younger cohort of drivers to fill seats. To increase the available pool of qualified candidates, 52.6% of respondents believe that opening interstate driving positions to 18- to 20-year-olds is the best strategy to address the shortage. Advocate for Congress and federal agencies to develop an apprenticeship program to attract, train and retain safe 18- to 20-year-old interstate drivers to the industry. In addition, driver retention was the fleets’ No. 2 issue, and was sixth on the combined list.

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This one is on the volume of credit checks run through the system and the change over last year. In addition, our website also includes an updated excel schedule and a copy of our results presentation that we will be referencing during our prepared remarks. Pedestrians should make eye contact with drivers to ensure they are seen and that vehicles stop before pedestrians cross the street.

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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY revs into automotive industry’s premier events riding high on 50 million photos sent to drivers. NVIDIA GeForce 326.80 beta drivers get your system ready for Splinter Cell Blacklist, the brand new Sam Fisher sneak ‘em up, launching worldwide this week with PC-exclusive features and tech.

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An essential update for all GeForce GTX users jumping into the Battlefield 4 beta, 331.40 beta ensures maximum performance and system stability in the shooter’s eagerly anticipated pre-release test. Also includes HBAO+ Control Panel Ambient Occlusion, and over a dozen new and updated profiles. Performance Materials reported CER sales growth in the period of 10% which comprised an organic sales decline of 13% and a 23% contribution from Pharr HP, which was acquired in February. Transportation achieved year-on-year growth, as demand improved along with the benefit of new customer wins. In addition, Household and Recreation sales were ahead of prior year, underpinned by improved demand for bedding and other home textiles. Apparel and Footwear showed continued performance improvement throughout the period.

It is critically important for drivers to be aware of pedestrians. Montgomery County said it’s both on drivers and pedestrians to work on avoiding these types of collisions. The 50 millionth photo shared between repair shop and driver arrives just as BOLT ON announces the availability of its cloud-based product to industry sectors beyond traditional independent repair shops. Shops need nothing more than an internet connection and a mobile device; there’s no need to buy new software or hardware.

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Heightened industry inventory levels from significant Covid-related market disruption in the first half appear to be clearing this year broadly as we anticipated. Continued encouraging trading performance in the period, although mindful that uncertainties remain around the recovery profile of our various global end markets into 2021. As a result of the improving trading performance seen in the period, we anticipate Group adjusted operating profit for 2020 to be ahead of market expectations and in the range of $100 – 110 million. Trucking often has to compete with other industries that may offer similar or better pay while providing workers with preferred lifestyle options, such as the opportunity to be home every night. This is particularly true this year due to the pandemic spurring a surge in e-commerce purchasing and a resulting need for more local and regional drivers. Understanding how driver pay stands up against competing industries is the preferred strategy of 35.1% of survey respondents. Other areas of concern cited in the survey were also noted to have their own negative impacts that result in pushing professional drivers out of the industry, respondents assert.

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