There have also been rumors that Apple is working on Catalyst versions of Shortcuts and Messages for the Mac, unifying the code that supports such features across its platforms. Apple did introduce new Ultra WideBand technology in its latest iPhone 11 models using custom U1 silicon but didn’t announce any news related to device tracking tiles. It seems apparent that the U1 chip wasn’t merely developed to make AirDrop transfers location-aware, the only feature Apple has articulated for it so far. One rumor that hasn’t yet materialized is the idea that Apple would be getting into the business of tracking other devices with tags like Tile.

Back in June, Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi noted that Apple is working to better harmonize these early apps to make them feel more coherent with the rest of Catalina. SF Symbols are all monochrome but can be tinted, which appears to be what Apple is using to liven up its colorful modern sidebars in new Catalina apps. There are some complications, however, as Apple has clearly used different versions of frameworks to build its various apps over the past decade.

That’s something Apple could certainly add to its Find My app in the future. Maps already exists across Apple’s platforms, so adding new features to it would require replicating those efforts twice in two separate codebases using different sets of frameworks.

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Perhaps that’s appropriate, as we’re no longer needing to associate the Mac’s music app with a jukebox or physical media player that nobody really ever uses anymore. The clean lines of Music feel more like a web browser, where you’re focused on the content, not the illusion of some olde-timey music playback machine.

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Apple previously relied on its iCloud website to provide access to "Find iPhone" on the Mac. The downside to that was that it required a login and typically 2FA authorization, where you typed in a code to trust your request. With the new Find My app in Catalina, you can now instantly pop the native app open and immediately see where your people and devices are in an interface that looks like Maps with a sidebar. The Home VidMate for Windows app is still stuck in early Mojave land, with popup panels that feel like an iPad. Stocks and Voice Memos are somewhere in between, with an appearance that looks more like an iPad app, but not so offensively as to demand an urgent refresh.

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