Blogger is not good at providing new features, design options, new layouts, or growing a blog that is transitioning into a full website. For a hosted blogging platform, Blogger allows for a good bit of customization…but there’s usually a catch. There are plenty of workarounds, but lack of versatility is the main reason most bloggers leave Blogger and move to a self-hosted WordPress solution. For worse, but mostly for better, Blogger has not chased the latest feature. It hasn’t tried to become a social network like Tumblr or Medium.

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moz– Enables users to monitor social media, manage SEO campaigns, and more. Raven Tools– Report on all marketing campaigns using metrics that pertain to SEO, PPC and social media. Insight Squared – An all in one analytics software for sales, finance, marketing and support data.

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Right On Interactive – Lifecycle marketing automation software. Uses a Customer Lifecycle Map™ to help users visualize where their prospects and customers are in their lifecycle/journey with the organization. Offers a whiteboard-like canvas where users can drag and drop elements such as email, segments, actions, and more to create smart marketing campaigns. Genius – Sales and marketing people can collaborate using this online-sales lead tracking software system. Send personalized campaigns, see who’s visiting the website or opening emails, and assess prospect interest for follow up.

WordPress provides for versatility for design, layout, publishing, and transition to a full website or even ecommerce store. The best site for blogging depends on what your goals and resources are. Self-hosted WordPress provides the most versatility, most ownership and most future-proofing…but it has a learning curve. removes some of the learning curve, but has some costs to get the best features. Blogger comes in for no stress and no fuss, but heavy limitations. Blogger is good if you have a Google account and want to start a simple blog with minimal cost & fuss.

It hasn’t tried to become a full website management system like WordPress. It hasn’t even moved to real-time data and messaging like Twitter. In fact, there’s a mini-movement of pure-play bloggers moving personal (ie, non-commercial) blogs back to Blogger simply for the minimalist parameters. All the functionality and design that are included with Blogger work seamlessly together as a platform.

Crimson Hexagon – Measure the impact of past social media campaigns. TrackMaven– Gathers information on your competitors from all social media channels into one platform. Portrays social chatter in a way that is easy to understand and show to others.

  • Medium is where you can find some of the most thought-provoking, incendiary content online.
  • One is a simple chronological feed and the other is a designed page with useful menu options.
  • When you create a publication like REI’s, you also unlock the ability to send a newsletter to all of your followers.
  • It’s the perfect platform for if you have a lot to say — and you want an audience to make your content must-read every day or week.
  • One important thing we should also mention is WordPress’s seamless integrations with sales funnels tools such as Salesforce or Hubspot.

Offers person-centric data in real time, and ties anonymous activity to known activity once a visitor becomes a customer. Blogspot is better for simple setup, ease of use, and pure play blogging.

This is the study of the impact of a website on its visitors. Web analytic software can also be used to monitor whether or not a site s pages are working properly. With this information, site administrators can determine which areas of the site are popular and which areas of the site do not get traffic and can then use this data to create a better/more profitable user experience. If you discover you need help with your closed source CMS, you don’t have the large community support found with open source software. Instead, these systems tend to come with high-end, personal support including telephone support, which is rare among open source content management systems. Because the code of open source programs is license-free, there is a greater risk of a security breach. Everyone using the open source code understands how to get around various protections.

That’s what allows them to have drag and drop design, layout, and content. I recently gave Blogger a try for a small project, along with several other website builders. I tried to approach Blogger not as the platform that had my first blog back in 2004, but as a serious platform that might be a good fit for someone’s web project today, post-2020. Workflow is the system for routing documents or pages between users responsible for working on them the management of who is making changes to or creating a content element or template. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication it is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works such as news headlines, blogs, etc. These feeds benefit content publishers by enabling them to syndicate their content automatically. Asset management is the organization and publication of digital assets such as content and media and including but not limited to images, sounds, animations, movies, music and text.

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